Youth LBLC Women Music Hands Up







At New Hope we take a special interest in our kids. We offer Sunday School classes were kids can learn wonderful bible stories. Once a month, we hold a youth service were our Sunshine Band Choir is able to perform. During the summer we host a community wide Vacation Bible School offering classes to all ages. These are just some of the many programs we offer our kids.





Our youth are also of great value to us. We have sponsored a youth choir called "The Difference Choir". Tutoring services are offered by some of our members when requested. Educational trips are taken throughout the year. Our youth were able to go on a college tour during their Spring Break vacation. During our youth service our Junior Ushers are allowed to officiate. Food is prepared for our youth and kids after every Sunday service. We understand that our youth play a huge part in our future, and make every effort to keep them involved.