Youth LBLC Women Music Hands Up


New Hope Mass Choir

Being a choir member is not only about singing songs to a congregation. The church choir member sings praises to God and communicates the love of Christ to the listener. We believe as a member of the choir you are ministering to the congregation. Just as a preacher prepares a sermon and himself prior to worship service, we must prepare in order to be effective in our ministry.




New Hope Praise Team

At New Hope, praise and worship has been one of our most vital ministries. We emphasize this part of our worship as we understand that it has a profound affect on our services. Time and time again, we have witnessed that whenever God's people praise His name, whenever we open our mouth and speak well of our God, He always blesses us with His wonderful presence. In Isaiah 43:21, God let us know that we were created for his praise. This lets us know the importance of giving God our wholehearted praise.