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• To establish a foundation for our young men today so they can learn to put God
   first in order to succeed.

• To help young men strive to complete their short term goals and achieve their
   long term goals.

• To produce productive leaders in our community.

• Creating a group of positive peers in our community to be role models for other
   youth as well as developing a bond with other positive young men.

• To give young men in our community a vision of opportunities for the future



• Tutoring • Bible Study • Mentoring • Teamwork & Community Service Activities
• College Tours(13 & up), Educational Tours(5 & Up) • Sporting Events



"Let Brotherly Love Continue"
Hebrews 13:1



Men's Department


The Men's Deparment meets every other Wednesday for Bible Study and discussions. This department plays a very important role in the church ministry. Led by our Pastor , this department's goal is to help men in our church and community turn toward Christ to find a sense of purpose, significance and fulfillment. As an all inclusive ministry, we want to help men no matter where they are in their walk with Christ, in church, their work or in the community. We want to encourage them to engage God with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength to draw closer to Him and to give the LBLC a vision for building His kingdom.