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Hands Up 

Dear Friends,

We would like to give thanks to God for you. We praise Him for the Blessing of His Presence and for the accomplishments that He has allowed the New Hope Church to fulfill: the sanctuary, bus ministry, “A Difference” Youth Community Choir, Sunday meals provided for the youth and college students, Helping Hand community involvement, etc. God has sustained us for 23 great years and we are appreciative to those who have supported the ministry thus far through tithing, offerings, and donations.

With your monthly donation of just $5.00 a month, you will help the New Hope Church by proving the necessary resources in order to: add on 13 or more acres to build a larger fellowship hall, add more classrooms to accommodate the influx of youth in this area as we minister, open a youth camp, and to support the general ministry. We are requesting your financial assistance. Due to low income and the un-development of our geographical area, there is a shortage of financial support.

In the 17 th Chapter of Exodus, God gave Moses the great responsibility of leading the children of Israel into a new dimension of believing God. They were faced with many challenges but God provided. God equipped Moses with a rod that he was told to hold up during the entire battle to be victorious. As time passed Moses grew tired and weary. When his arms began to lower, the children of Israel began to lose the battle. God gave Aaron and Hur the insight to support Moses' arms so he could continue to hold the rod up with his hand. By the great move of God, the children of Israel were victorious.

In order for the New Hope Church to continue to the next level, we are requesting that you help us overcome this financial challenge by becoming “A Hand Up” sponsor. With your monthly donation of just $5.00 a month, you can help the church's ministry to continue to move forward with the vision of our leader. If you desire to make a greater contribution, please feel free to do so. A total of 12 self addressed envelopes labeled with the months of the year can be provided for your convenience to mail in your monthly donations the 1 st of each month. You may also make your donation on the contact page of our church website stated below. We will accept cash, checks, and money orders. Please make checks and money orders out to New Hope Church of God in Christ. For additional information, comments, or questions, please call 903-769-2326 or 903-769-0921. We know that God will provide for us. He is our Jehovah-nissi! Thank you in advance for your support.

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