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What is our Hands Up Ministry?
We would like to give thanks to God for you. We praise Him for the Blessing of His Presence and for the accomplishments that He has allowed the New Hope Church to fulfill: the sanctuary, bus ministry, �A Difference� Youth Community Choir, Sunday meals provided for the youth and college students, Helping Hand community involvement, etc. Read More �

Supt. Marvin Holland & First Lady Gloria Holland

Supt. Marvin L. Holland Sr., inspired .by God through much fasting and prayer, began a work in Hawkins , TX in the year of 1982. Supt. & First Lady Holland with their two children at the time, Marvin Jr. & Kevin, began the sacrifice of commuting from Dallas to Hawkins to do a work for the Lord. Since then their ministry has been a great blessing in the Hawkins area. Read More �